• Energy-efficient LED recessed luminaire for use in strip grid ceilings
  • Homogeneous light distribution with low glare, ideal for office applications
  • Can be ordered from 100 units in desired dimensions: length 1180-2250 mm and width 115-600 mm
  • Robust metal housing, with optional air slots for plenum extraction
  • Available in ON/OFF, Bluetooth wireless (BLE2), DALI2 and 1-10V
  • Optional pluggable solutions possible
  • Delivery time approx. 4 months.

In view of energy costs on the one hand and energy label requirements on the other, the replacement of lighting in office spaces with suspended ceilings is currently very topical.

Given the often specific dimensions, installation costs and delivery times, this requires good planning, in which OPPLE can provide excellent help.

This LED lighting has been specially designed for office applications and offers excellent light quality and colour rendering. The flexible design allows the lighting to be adapted to specific needs and sizes, creating the optimal lighting for an office.

By further automating the system with OPPLE SMART solutions such as daylight and presence sensors, an automatic lighting control strategy can be realised that dynamically adjusts the lighting (daylight harvesting), further reducing energy costs. This also makes it possible to link with the building management system and provide insight into consumption data.

These energy-efficient solutions have a long lifespan and will reduce energy costs immediately, but also result in low maintenance costs in the longer term. They also contribute to the productivity, comfort, appearance and sustainability of office spaces.

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